Exploring options for your child’s first dental visit? Read on to find out why a paediatric dental clinic may be the best option for your child. 

What is a paediatric dentist? 

Paediatric dentists are registered specialists that have completed additional training to manage and treat children from birth through to adolescence. Infact, paediatric dentists study an additional 3 years on top of their bachelor of dental science to gain qualification in this area! They are dedicated to caring for the oral health of children, which involves more than just teeth! Throughout your dental journey, there are many things that your paediatric dentist will look out for, including assessing growth and development of the jaws and teeth, airway and breathing, and diagnosing and managing a variety of oral conditions.

Some of the oral conditions that paediatric dentists manage include: 

Paediatric dentists can provide treatment with relative analgesia (happy gas) and under general anaesthetic if required. 

What are Oral Health Therapists? 

Oral health therapists are bachelor qualified and registered clinicians that provide dental care for children and adolescents. They support paediatric dentists by providing routine dental examinations and dental treatment in both baby and adult teeth.


1. The sooner the better – in our experience, early exposure to the dental environment results in more positive behavioral outcomes and early detection of any issues.

2. Start preparing – talk about how exciting it is to be visiting the dentist! Read children’s books or youtube videos. Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger also have great TV episodes on this!

3. Gather any questions you may have and write them down to ensure we can answer them on the day of your first visit.


You do not need a referral to attend a paediatric dental clinic. Feel free to contact our friendly reception team to make an appointment on 03 9372 8960

It is important to introduce your child to the dentist as early as possible. The Australian Dental Association recommends the first dental visit within six months of their first tooth appearing, and no later than their first birthday. As a specialist dental practice, we have multiple different approaches to a first dental visit and your clinician will find one that best suits yourself and your child.

Absolutely! Positive dental experiences are our passion. We want every child to leave their appointment feeling happy and excited to come back. If you had a negative dental experience, it is important not to discuss this in front of your child as this may instil fear before they have had the opportunity to have their own experience.

Yes we can! Contact our friendly reception team to make an appointment for assessment with one of our paediatric dentists. 



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Thanks to our wonderful Oral Health Therapist, Carlee.
She works at our Essendon clinics. 
If you would like to talk to her or any of our amazing team, about this or any other questions you may have, please contact us on 03 9372 8960.

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