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What is an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder? (OMD)

Certain disorders of the muscles of the face and mouth are known as Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMDs). They include non-nutritive sucking habits, improper swallowing habits, and incorrect postures and functions of the muscles of the tongue, lips, jaws and face.   Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders can include one or more of the following: Thumb, finger, lip, …


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What is a Tongue Tie and Why do you look for this during a dental check up?

In our work we see a significant number of children with restricted tongues or “tongue ties”. A tongue tie limits the movement of the tongue so that the other muscles of the face have to adapt during speech and swallowing. Many children have a restricted tongue that is not picked up early as they have …


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Is a Dummy bad for my child’s dental development?

A lot of parents ask us “Is giving my child a dummy bad for their dental development?”   Many of the kids we see can often do have issues with their teeth and jaws from sucking a dummy as an infant. The most common issue associated with dummy sucking is the development of an “anterior …


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The Importance of a Clear Airway in Children

Many parents don’t realize that the way their child breathes impacts on their facial and dental development. Airway is very important.   Nasal breathing is best for optimal cranial growth and development. As humans, we are designed to nasal breath. The nose is a filtration system and is responsible for warming and humidifying the air …


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Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme Now at Werribee

Is your Child Eligible for the Child Dental Benefits?? Don’t miss making an appointment with Karishma our amazing dental therapist for your Bulk Billed Dental Check up and clean Appointments for all eligible patients You can also check if your child is eligible by: * using your Medicare online account through myGov * calling the …


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Werribee now has a new Oral Health Therapist

We’re all smiles here at Kiddies Dental Care as we welcome a new Oral Health Therapist to the team.  Based in our Werribee practice, Karishma Parmeshwan will be available from 13th March to see patients.   Karishma is excited to be joining our practice having worked with many children throughout Victoria and New South Wales.  We …


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Is it OK to put my baby to bed with a bottle?

We’re often asked by parents “Is it OK to put my baby to bed with a bottle?”   Whilst this can be calming to an overtired or distressed child, the bacteria in the mouth thrive on the sugar that is found in liquids such as milk, formula and juice.  Couple that with the decreased flow …


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Smile Now, Pay Later

At Kiddies Dental Care we understand that sometimes our complex dental treatments requiring hospital administration can be an unforeseen expense…   So we are always thinking of new ways to make it more affordable whilst providing you with the best possible care.   As such, we are really excited to announce that we now accept ZIP payments! …


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Don’t fail your teeth this festive season

This holiday season the team at Kiddies want to help you and your children maintain good dental health.  We know it’s a time filled with celebrations, parties and events with lots of tempting treats.   So how can we help you have a merry Christmas and start the New Year with a healthy, beautiful smile. …


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Teeth Eruption & Shedding

We’ve all seen the signs of that first tooth appearing.  Rosy red cheeks, lots of dribbling, children being irritable, fists in the mouth and more.   For some babies this occurs around 6 months of age but it can start any time between 3 and 6 months.  There is generally a typical order each of …