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A good first experience with a dentist

A child’s first dental visit is an important milestone in their development. That’s why making that dental visit as relaxed and stress free as possible will encourage your child to be comfortable with dental care over their lifetime.

We specialise in working with children of all ages, from babies to teenagers. There is nothing we haven’t seen, so if there are tears or tantrums, we will be there to help you.

At Kiddies Dental Care, we love looking after our patients and everything we have created at all of our practices have been designed with making our very special patients have the very best experience when they visit us.

How to make the first dental visit an enjoyable one

  • ALWAYS speak positively about dentists and going to the dentist.
    Even if you have bad memories of your childhood dental visits, your child is going to enjoy coming to Kiddies Dental Care.

  • Practice visiting the dentist at home.
    Children love to play and pretend. This can be a fun way for you and your child to talk about their upcoming appointment. Get some of their toys involved too!

  • Practice counting your child’s teeth.
    Explain to your child that the dentist will do the same thing. Lay your child back with their head in your lap, have your child practice opening wide for the dentist. Use props such as toothbrushes; spoons make a perfect “dental mirror”. Let your child practice being the dentist and let them check your teeth too.

  • Make the trip enjoyable.
    Bring the child’s favourite toy along and some coloured pencils to produce a masterpiece to put on our art wall!

  • Read children’s books about going to the dentist with your child.

  • Always answer truthfully any questions your child may have about the dentist.

  • Don’t use the dentist as a threat or punishment.
    It’s also important to not use bribes in order for the visit to happen.

  • Don’t use words that may instil fear in your child.
    Refrain from using words such as needles, pain or hurt when talking about the dentist.

Common FAQs

Although you may have prepared your child for their first dental visit, sometimes things can become overwhelming and it’s not uncommon for young children to cry during their first dental exam. Staying calm, relaxed and talking to your child will help with their anxiety; they are surrounded by new sights, smells and sounds, so sometimes this can be a bit scary for some children.

It’s important to explain to your child:

  • We are seeing another dentist, not the same one as last time.
  • You will not be getting any treatment, all you need to do is to sit in the special dental chair, have a little lie down, open your mouth for a few minutes to let the dentist check your teeth with a special mirror.
  • I understand you may be a bit anxious, but explain you will be there with them the whole time.
  • After having a look at your teeth, the dentist will do a lot of talking with mum and dad, and you can go to play with the toys or read a book.
  • A special treat and a giant hug after they have been very brave always helps!

No, you don’t need a referral to be seen by Kiddies Dental Care. All new patients are either seen by our Oral Health Therapists or Specialist Paediatric Dentists depending on the examination requirement.

Please allow 30 minutes for your child’s initial appointment.

Currently you can utilise the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, however we do not BULK BILL and you will have a gap payment to pay. Please contact our friendly team and they can advise you of all applicable fees.

Correct. We treat children from when their first tooth erupts until 16 years of age.

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Book your child in to see a dentist who cares

There’s no need to have a referral. We treat children from when their first tooth erupts until 16 years of age.