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Don’t fail your teeth this festive season

This holiday season the team at Kiddies want to help you and your children maintain good dental health.  We know it’s a time filled with celebrations, parties and events with lots of tempting treats.   So how can we help you have a merry Christmas and start the New Year with a healthy, beautiful smile. …


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Teeth Eruption & Shedding

We’ve all seen the signs of that first tooth appearing.  Rosy red cheeks, lots of dribbling, children being irritable, fists in the mouth and more.   For some babies this occurs around 6 months of age but it can start any time between 3 and 6 months.  There is generally a typical order each of …


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What Are Fissure Sealants And How Can They Help?

Fissure Sealants When children are learning how to clean their teeth, there are often areas that get missed such as those back teeth and in particular the molars.  We see many children with decay in that area and one of our preventative strategies is a Fissure Sealant.   So What Is A Fissure Sealant? Fissure …


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Floss is Boss

Floss is Boss   Why Should Children Floss? We all know it’s essential that children brush their teeth twice a day but it’s just as important that we teach them to floss at least once a day.  Bacteria, plaque, and food can become stuck in between teeth, potentially leading to gum inflammation/disease, tooth decay, and …


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Who loves mousse? Tooth mousse that is!

Are your teeth getting the minerals they need? We all know that ensuring your body gets the right nutrients and minerals is essential for good health.  But what minerals do our teeth need in particular?   Fluoride is the one we all know about, but there are also other beneficial minerals – calcium and phosphate. …


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Stopping Thumbsucking

Many parents ask us what impact thumb sucking will have on their child and how they can help to stop it so we thought we’d share some insights we have. Firstly, thumb sucking is a very natural thing that many children do from an early age…and we mean very early.  There is plenty of evidence …


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Tongue Cleaning

Did you know that brushing and flossing remove bacteria from teeth and gums but as much as 50% of the bacteria in the mouth live on the surface of your tongue?   And it’s these bacteria in particular that can be one cause of bad breath.   The best and most effective way of neutralising …


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Back to School Snacks

With the school holidays over, parents and caregivers are back in the swing of making daily lunch boxes for their children and perhaps themselves as a way to ensure healthy choices are made but also to save a few dollars. Growing children require a range of healthy and enticing foods to steer them away from …


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Baby Teeth Are Just As Important As Adult Teeth

Milk teeth, or baby teeth, are the first set of teeth that appear, starting from around 6 months of age up to around 3 years. There should be 20 all together. Baby teeth are generally whiter and resemble the colour of milk.   Sometimes, teeth may appear a couple of months earlier or later than …


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Brushing 2by2

  Here are Kiddies Dental Care we get many questions about how parents can best support their children when first learning how to brush their teeth. How long should you brush children’s teeth for? Simply remember our 2×2 motto…brush for 2 mins twice a day.  Many families use a count down timer on a phone …