In response to COVID-19 and the Australian Dental Association Level 3 restriction placed on all dental practices, we are now offering teledentistry consultations for your child.

Once you have submitted the form below if this is deemed as a suitable option we will contact you to arrange for one of our paediatric dentists to phone or video communication (via Zoom) to help answer questions you may have on your child’s dental health.

Before beginning this form, where possible, please take 5 photographs on your mobile phone. (Optional, but preferred method of assessment)

  • Patient’s upper right back teeth

  • Patient’s upper left back teeth

  • Patient’s lower left back teeth

  • Patient’s lower right back teeth

  • Front teeth with lip lifted

Alternatively, if you have a dental referral, please take a photo of the referral and photos of the areas of dental concern. Also please attach any x-rays.

Please refer to our HOW TO TAKE TELEDENTAL PHOTOS page to assist you in taking the best possible photos of your child’s teeth.

teledentistry melbourne

Teledentistry Form

After completing and submitting this form, our team will assess the information provided and arrange a suitable time to call.

  • Fee for dental phone consultation service is $100 for up to 30 minutes.
  • Fee for infant tongue tie phone consultation – $100 (if under 30min) or $150 for 31-45 minutes


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    Referral from my dentist

    Photo of area of concern you would like to discuss

    Patient’s upper right back teeth

    Patient’s upper left back teeth

    Patient’s lower right back teeth

    Patient’s lower left back teeth

    Front teeth with lip lifted