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Baby Teeth – When Should They Show

In our lifetime, we have two sets of teeth. Baby teeth (milk teeth or deciduous teeth) are the first set of teeth to appear in your child’s early life. The second set are the adult teeth (permanent teeth). There are 20 baby teeth altogether and they begin to erupt around 6-8 months and continue to …


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What is tooth sensitivity?

  Is the taste of ice cream or a sip of a hot drink sometimes a painful experience for your child? Does tooth brushing or flossing make them wince occasionally? If so, your child may have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the layer of a tooth underneath the enamel (called the dentin) or the …


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Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth

Tooth decay (dental caries) is a diet-related disease. Sugars in the food and drinks you consume are broken down by germs (bacteria) in the plaque that produce acids. The acid attacks the outer layer of the tooth (enamel) causing it to soften resulting in tooth decay. These attacks can last for up to 20 minutes …


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Lifestyle Choices and your Oral Health!

Oral health is essential to general health and well-being at every stage of life. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines oral health as “a state of being free from chronic mouth and facial pain, oral and throat cancer, oral infection and sores, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders that …


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Tooth Decay – Learn to spot the warning signs

How does tooth decay develop?   Tooth decay is a diet-related disease that damages the teeth. Teeth are covered in plaque, a sticky film that contains bacteria. When we eat and drink, the bacteria produce acids that break down the outer layer of the tooth (enamel). This is how decay develops. Dental decay can be …


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Is Fruit Juice really that ‘HEALTHY’ ?

‘Healthy’ juices may not be so good for your teeth   Did you know that a glass of juice contains 6 teaspoons of sugar. That is almost as much as a glass of soft drink!   Despite this, our minds trick us and we automatically think drinking orange juice is healthier than drinking soft drinks, …


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Dental Emergencies and After Hours Support

ROYAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL   Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department 50 Flemington Rd, Parkville VIC 3052   TELEPHONE (03) 9345 5522   Any child who has suffered a Dental Injury that has resulted in facial swelling or trauma. We would recommend going straight to The Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department for medical attention. The Emergency Department at …


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Dental Sports Injuries

Contact and sometimes non-contact sport can often lead to Dental Emergencies and generally involve the front teeth. Dental Emergencies can involve a chipped tooth or a tooth that has been “knocked out”, commonly known as an avulsed tooth. Avulsed teeth are one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent (adult) teeth. However, the damage …


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TEETH GRINDING! Is it a problem?

What is teeth grinding and can it cause harm to infants? Most of the time parents are happy just to get their kids to fall asleep, but have you ever noticed your child grinding their teeth? Teeth grinding, or commonly known as “bruxism” is a problem that can lead to dental complications in adults. Bruxism …