Kiddies Dental Care is excited to introduce to you a new SENSATIONAL service!

We understand that a visit to the dentist for anyone can cause some anxiety.
For many children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, a visit to the dentist is sometimes even more overwhelming and stressful.

Our aim, as Paediatric Dentists, is to make good dental health
available to everyone.

Sensational Days at Kiddies Dental Care, enables parents/carers to bring their children into an environment that is calm, relaxed and as stress-free as possible.


As a part of our service, we can offer the following:

• Staff that are experienced in the management of patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder aged from 2-16.
• Extensive phone consultation before all new patient visits to assess the child’s needs prior to them walking in the door
• Additional desensitisation appointments if required
• Resources to help children with oral care at home
• Oral Hygiene and Toothbrushing Training is available for parents, children and carers. Helping to teach the best way to assist children with basic oral care. Sometimes making small changes to a child’s oral hygiene may make a big difference to their long term oral health.



• Our environment can be adapted to our patients, which is why we offer an extensive phone consultation prior to the initial appointment. This can include more natural lighting options, music playing and even advising parents to bring their children in with items that may make them feel more comfortable, including sunglasses or earphones, etc. Our aim to create a stress-free experience for both parents and children

• Quiet clinics with limited staff which helps to create a more relaxed environment.

• Reduced waiting times, reduces anxiety while waiting to be seen.

• Longer appointment times, enabling our staff to take things slowly. Time for patients to have a little time out if needed.



• A selection of sensory products such as fidgets and weighted items, help create comfort or distraction while treatments are taking place. All designed to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible.




Kiddies Dental Care Sensational Days clinic will be run by Carlee, our Oral Health Therapist who has a special interest in treating patients with ASD and has completed research in this field. She will be working closely with Dr. Kar Mun Chan and our Specialist Dentists at Kiddies Dental Care. If any complex or extensive treatment is required, they can attend consultations in an environment that will assist the child’s needs, keeping things as consistent and comfortable as possible.





Wednesday appointments available at our
Specialist Practice at 50 Buckley Street, Essendon


Once a month Monday appointments at our
Werribee Practice at 307 Heaths Road in Werribee


for further information phone (03) 9372 8960


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