Dr Kar Mun Chan

Hi, I am Kar Mun. I became a dentist in 1998 after graduating from Sydney University.

After further postgraduate studies in Hong Kong, where I was born and raised, I commenced working as a paediatric dentist in 2003 at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and also started a PhD research project in dental genetics. In 2006, I created Kiddies Dental Care to fulfill a lifelong interest to work with children and special needs patients. I look forward to meeting with you and your little ones soon.


  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Hons) 2002
  • Master of Dental Surgery in Paediatric Dentistry 2004
  • Registration as a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons
  • Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (Senior Dental Registrar)
  • Founder of Kiddies Dental Care (Specialist Paediatric Dental Practice) 2006
  • Dr Chan is a member of both the Australian Dental Association and the Academy of Laser Dentistry in the U.S


  • Standard Proficiency in Laser Dentistry Certificate (Academy of Laser Dentistry) 2017
  • Coulson Institute of Orofacial Myology Masterclass 2017
  • Tongue Tie Institute: Foundation Course Feb 2017 – Dr Marjam Jones and Dr Dan Hanson
  • Tongue Tie Institute: Advanced Course – Children and Adults Feb 2017 – Dr Marjam Jones and Dr Dan Hanson
  • Tongue Tie Institute: Advanced Course – Infants & Toddlers July 2017
  • Australian Society of Tongue and Lip Tie 2018 Symposium, May 2018
  • Airway Health: Untying Ankyloglossia – From Infancy and Beyond – Dr Bobby Ghaheri July 2018
  • Best Practices in Paediatric Feeding, Motor Speech and Mouth Development Problems by Diane Bahr 2018
  • Carlin Speech Pathology: Tongue Tie & Oral Dysfunction: Clinica! Applications : Dr Ellen M Carlin May 2019
  • Breathe Institute: Functional Frenuloplasty Course April 2019 – Dr Soroush Zaghi
  • Breathe Institute: Functional Approach to Sleep Medicine + Frenuloplasty Course April 2019 Dr Soroush Zaghi
  • Australian Society of Tongue and Lip Tie 2019 Symposium, Perfect Motion Discovering the Tongue that Connects us November 2019
  • Airway Health: Inspiration by Integration: A Discourse on SDB with Medicine, Surgery and Dentistry Stanley Liu MD D
  • Talk Tools: Orofacial Myology: Resting Postures Feb 2020 – Vanessa Anderson Smith
  • Talk Tools: Improving Jaw Position and Movement Feb 2020 – Heather Vukelich, MS, CCC-SLP
  • Talk Tools: 5-Step TOTs Screening Tools Feb 2020 Vanessa Anderson-Smith, MS, CCC-SLP
  • The Southern Cranial Infant Foundation: Infant Feeding Program Feb 2020

Breastfeeding Challenges and Tongue Ties

It isn’t easy for everyone to breast feed. Some mums and babies have incredible difficulty achieving a good latch, or a pain free nursing rhythm. It can be demoralizing and exhausting to struggle at something that seems as natural as breastfeeding. Kiddies Infant Care dentist Kar Mun Chan knows that painful struggle all too well. As she worked to nurse her baby over and over again, with little success, Dr. Kar Mun felt devastated, in pain and inadequate.

Everyone says breastfeeding is natural and therefore by default it shouldn’t be challenging. But it often is, especially when a baby has a tongue tie.

However there is hope and help is available. Continue reading Dr. Kar Mun’s story below to learn more…