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Winters here and so is the flu!

Baby it's cold outside! It’s that time of the year again! Winter is here and can be a magical time of the year, but we are also in the height of cold and flu season. Along with dealing with the regular cold and flu, we now have to add Covid 19 into the mix. As we have been instructed for the last 18 months, if you or your child have any symptoms [...]

Help to soothe your teething tots!

Teething is a great milestone in your baby’s development. The arrival of teeth can happen without causing any pain. Whilst for some babies this can be an uncomfortable process and distressing for yourself and the baby.      Common signs and symptoms of teething include: Excessive drooling Red and swollen gums Chewing on objects Irritability or crankiness Sore or tender gums A slight increase in temperature but no fever Here are a few [...]

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Dental advice for infants and bottle feeding!

Why are baby teeth so important?   Although baby teeth will eventually exfoliate they serve several purposes in your child’s mouth. Baby teeth help with your child’s ability to eat, speak and of course, smile! One other very important purpose for baby teeth is that they serve as placeholders for adult teeth later on in life. If baby teeth are not well cared for, dental infections can arise; causing discomfort, pain, illness and [...]

Baby Teeth – When Should They Show

In our lifetime, we have two sets of teeth. Baby teeth (milk teeth or deciduous teeth) are the first set of teeth to appear in your child’s early life. The second set are the adult teeth (permanent teeth). There are 20 baby teeth altogether and they begin to erupt around 6-8 months and continue to progressively erupt up to 3 years of age.  Children lose their baby teeth which are replaced by adult [...]

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