bg2You do not require a referral to visit a paediatric dentist. We treat children from when their first tooth erupts until 16 years of age.


Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous oxide is a gas, commonly known as ‘happy gas’ or ‘laughing gas’. Giving nitrous oxide is a way to help reduce a child’s discomfort and anxiety during dental treatment.


Your child will breathe the gas through a small nosepiece that sits on their nose.


Nitrous oxide makes children feel sleepy and relaxed, but they remain aware of what is happening around them. They may feel dreamy, floaty and warm. They may have tingling in their hands and feet and may be a bit forgetful.

Nitrous oxide is only suitable for use in some children. This option will be discussed during your first visit.



Regular Dental Examinations kdc-cartoon4


Healthy teeth play a key role in a healthy childhood: children need healthy teeth for chewing, speaking and having a bright smile.


It is especially important to keep your child enthusiastic and motivated about caring for their teeth. Scheduling regular dental visits for your child is a vital part of this.


Children should have regular dental checkups every 6 to 12 months from as early as one year of age.


Treatment Under General Anaesthetic


The treatment of dental caries may involve one or more of the following procedures: simple fillings (restorations) for small holes; pulpotomy or pulpectomy (partial or complete removal of the nerve of the tooth) for deep holes; placement of stainless steel crowns on extensive holes; extractions (removal) of  teeth, if they are too inflamed, infected or beyond repair.


For young children undergoing extensive or complex dental procedures, a general anaesthetic (GA) is highly recommended, as it will ensure a smooth dental operation and maximum comfort for the child.


During your child’s first visit we can discuss whether this is a recommended treatment option for your child and provide you with a detailed treatment plan.


Treatment In The Dental ChairRoom-2.1


Our specialist rooms are designed with children in mind. The special features of our clinic include:

  • Our treatment rooms are specifically designed for our young patients. Your child will see tailor-made dental chairs and lots of drawings and pictures on the wall. Your child will not see dental tools that may trigger stress.
  • Television/DVD screens in treatment rooms for viewing during treatment.
  • Large computer screens in treatment rooms to assist with patient and parent education and the viewing of dental images.