Are your teeth getting the minerals they need?

We all know that ensuring your body gets the right nutrients and minerals is essential for good health.  But what minerals do our teeth need in particular?


Fluoride is the one we all know about, but there are also other beneficial minerals – calcium and phosphate.

The saliva in our mouth helps provide essential minerals that strengthen your teeth and protect the enamel, but there are certain activities that cause an acid imbalance making it difficult to produce saliva and the essential protective minerals.


What’s the solution?

TOOTH MOUSSE….designed here in Australia!!!!!


Tooth mousse is a topical cream, rich in calcium and phosphate.  Regular use of tooth mousse can help the teeth to become more resistant to decay/holes.  It also helps to reverse the initial stages of decay as long as we keep up with regular brushing and flossing and have a good diet.


Tooth mousse is also recommended for patients with newly erupting permanent teeth, patients with braces and for expectant mums during pregnancy (especially if morning sickness and reflux is experienced).

Tooth mousse is derived from milk casein and therefore is perfectly safe to swallow. It is, however, not recommended for patients with a milk protein allergy.


How is tooth mousse used?

It is easy to use. After brushing and flossing, squeeze a small amount of Tooth Mousse on your finger and apply to all teeth with your finger an use your tongue to spread around evenly. For maximum benefit, leave the Tooth Mousse on your teeth for as long as possible.


There are two types of Tooth Mousse – regular Tooth Mousse and Tooth Mousse Plus (with Fluoride). Talk to your dental professional if Tooth Mousse is suitable for your child for more protection.