Is it OK to put my baby to bed with a bottle?

We’re often asked by parents “Is it OK to put my baby to bed with a bottle?”


Whilst this can be calming to an overtired or distressed child, the bacteria in the mouth thrive on the sugar that is found in liquids such as milk, formula and juice.  Couple that with the decreased flow in saliva when sleeping and we increase our chances of tooth decay in the baby teeth.


“But they’re just baby teeth” I hear you say.


Although baby teeth are temporary they are incredibly important for chewing, speaking and smiling.  They also contribute to forming the structure of the mouth as they assist in the placement of adult teeth.


If baby teeth are lost too early as a result of decay, it could result in speech problems and crooked or damaged adult teeth.


We encourage our families to not put their children to bed with a bottle to improve their oral health and give them the best chance of having great teeth.


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