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Going to the dentist as a child or teenager doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. That’s why we tailor everything we do with kids in mind, from the waiting room to the dental chair. At Kiddies Dental Care, we want to make your child’s dental experience the best it can be.

Tooth Decay – Learn to spot the warning signs

How does tooth decay develop?   Tooth decay is a diet-related disease that damages the teeth. Teeth are covered in plaque, a sticky film that contains bacteria. When we eat and drink, the bacteria produce acids that break down the outer layer of the tooth (enamel). This is how decay develops. Dental decay can be found on both baby and adult teeth. Areas that are at a higher risk of collecting plaque and [...]

Encourage good oral health with your children!

How to encourage good oral health with your children As any parent knows, it’s easy to second-guess yourself when it comes to the best way to care for your child. There’s a wealth of information out there on everything from how much screen time they should have to the best diet and educational tools. One thing that isn’t spoken about much is how best to encourage good oral health attitudes and habits for [...]

Is Fruit Juice really that ‘HEALTHY’ ?

‘Healthy’ juices may not be so good for your teeth   Did you know that a glass of juice contains 6 teaspoons of sugar. That is almost as much as a glass of soft drink!   Despite this, our minds trick us and we automatically think drinking orange juice is healthier than drinking soft drinks, but their effects on our oral and general health is essentially the same.    Fruit in any form [...]

Dental Sports Injuries

Contact and sometimes non-contact sport can often lead to Dental Emergencies and generally involve the front teeth. Dental Emergencies can involve a chipped tooth or a tooth that has been “knocked out”, commonly known as an avulsed tooth. Avulsed teeth are one of the most serious dental emergencies for permanent (adult) teeth. However, the damage can be fixed. If you act quickly, there's a good chance the tooth can be saved. When a [...]

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TEETH GRINDING! Is it a problem?

What is teeth grinding and can it cause harm to infants? Most of the time parents are happy just to get their kids to fall asleep, but have you ever noticed your child grinding their teeth? Teeth grinding, or commonly known as “bruxism” is a problem that can lead to dental complications in adults. Bruxism is characterized by clenching and grinding of the teeth. But, is it bad for babies and children to [...]

When should I start flossing my child’s teeth?

I floss my teeth, but when should I start flossing my child’s teeth? Tooth brushing every day can help with removing most dental plaque, however brushing alone cannot remove plaque in places a toothbrush cannot reach, especially in between teeth. By flossing your teeth, you reduce the amount of dental plaque in between your teeth and help reduce your risk of dental decay and gum infection. Gum infection can result in gingival bleeding [...]


Electric Vs Manual toothbrush, which is better for my child?   Tooth brushing either with an electric toothbrush or manual toothbrush helps physically reduce plaque build up in our mouths. There is evidence revealing that electric toothbrushing may assist with reducing plaque build-up provided that it is used correctly. Thus, electric toothbrushes are generally recommended for adults who have already developed the correct dexterity in toothbrushing appropriately.        Children usually will [...]

Winter is here and so is the Flu!

It’s that time of the year again! Winter is here and can be a magical time of the year, but we are also in the height of flu season. Your child may not be feeling their very best and it will be easy to let their oral hygiene routine fall by the wayside.   At Kiddies Dental Care, our pediatric dentists and therapists have shared some tips!     Drink plenty of water! [...]

Did you know the average teen eats nine times a day? Choose wisely!

Even though your schedule is hectic and you eat on the run, you can select fresh fruits and vegetables instead of junk foods. Cheese, air-popped popcorn and yogurt are healthy alternatives to high-fat or high-sugar snacks. For the sake of your dental and overall health, do not let snacks take the place of nutritionally balanced meals.    Dental diseases such as tooth decay and dental erosion are very common health problems in Australia [...]

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What to do about that wobbly, loose tooth?

  What to do about that pesky loose tooth.   Wobbly baby teeth are one of the important developmental milestones for any child and parent. It can be an exciting time to look forward to, with the arrival of the big adult teeth, but can also spark anxiety and discomfort. This will usually start around the age of 6. From 6 to 12 years, children will usually have a mixture of adult and [...]

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