What are 6 Year Old Molars and how to help during their eruption?

What are the 6 year old molars?

The first adult molar erupts between 6-7 years of age, commonly termed the “6 year old molar” or “first molars” and they represent new growth, meaning they don’t replace any baby teeth.  These first molars help to determine the shape of the lower face and affect the position and health of the other permanent teeth.

They sit right behind the last baby tooth. As they start to erupt your child may experience teething symptoms such as mild fever, swollen gums and soreness when eating or chewing.


Tips to help soothe these symptoms include:

  • use a teething gel such as Bonjela
  • rinse with warm salt water to reduce the inflammation
  • keep the area as food can get trapped around the tooth and gum which can cause irritation and swelling

As the 6 year old molar is a permanent tooth, it is important to ensure good oral hygiene habits are formed (eg. brushing and flossing) so that the tooth lasts throughout the child’s lifetime.


This video is a great resource to explain to your child how and when their adult teeth erupt and the process of baby teeth replacing adult teeth.

Once your child’s 6-year-old molar erupts it is an ideal time to apply a great prevention measure of fissure sealants.

Find out more about how this can help on our blog on Fissure Sealants

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